Katie here waiving to you through the internet!


Welcome to Wild Beauty Boudoir! No matter who you are - I believe that everyBODY is for boudoir and my goal is to help women feel like the powerful badass babes they have always been!


A little background to this new venture, the last two years have really given me a lot of time (too much time) to think about the future of my life and business. This brought me to thinking about the shadows of my life, and the shadows of others lives. Something I have noticed is that so many of us are not happy with ourselves whether it be face, body, or even our minds.  I was trying to figure out how I could help change that, and I realized I can do that with art and helping share other women's stories. I am CLEARLY no therapist but boudoir is known to help so many women see themselves in a positive way. I have been apart of some really amazing boudoir communities over the past few years and I have been able to see how life changing boudoir and female empowerment sessions can be. My mission is to make every woman see the beauty in herself she wasn’t able to see before, and those women who already see their beauty a little reminder how incredible they are. 



To book, the session fee is $350 to reserve your date and includes the following:

  • phone consultation
  • professional makeup
  • 60 minute session
  • 2 outfit changes
  • guided body posing /coaching
  • facial expression coaching
  • private photo reveal & ordering session

*Collections, products and images are purchased separately - Collections start at $900

CLICK HERE to contact Wild Beauty Boudoir to inquire or book a session

We will then schedule a call to go over the process, pricing and products